2016 in Books

By chris, January 15, 2017

Leica Lens Saga: Evolution - Optical Design - Evaluation - Future
The third book in a series from Erwin Puts. I have been diligently monitoring for new releases from this author for the past five years. His work contains a good amount of information about Leica cameras and lenses.

The Mind's Eye (Henri-Cartier Bresson)
A compilation of Henri-Cartier Bresson's writing on photography.

Trent Parke: Minutes to Midnight
A collection of photos from a road trip in Australia in the early 2000's by a famous Australian photographer.

Henri-Cartier Bresson: The Decisive Moment
An excellent book, for years it was unavailable and used copies are insanely expensive. This is an excellent reprint from Steidl and yes, the book is large. It doesn't actually fit in my current bookshelf.

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